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Professional Development & Training

Management Solutions (Qld) consultancy services include personal mentoring and coaching in staff and organisational management and all aspects of policy analysis and development with a particular focus on community engagement.

Management Consultancy: career coaching, organisational / change management

Our staff has extensive experience in conducting program and organisational evaluations and reviews, both within an organisation and in conjunction with key stakeholders.

The focus of our involvement is to strengthen and maximise the operation of your particular team or organisation drawing on task-orientated team development and managing change by choice frameworks. Within this, our stafff have high level skills in analysing and assessing communication and reporting interrelationships at a systematic leval and develop relevant quality assurance and competency development systems as well as time and work load and performance mapping systems.

We can also provide one one one career coaching with particular emphasis on organisational design, team management skills, conflict resolution, team building and writing skills for a range of difference audiences.

Strategic Planning and Development

Management Solutions (Qld) brings extensive experience to your organisation in:

  • Identifying and interpreting structural and functional systems at a systematic, process and administrative level
  • Drawing out themes and key elements within complex situations
  • An ability to crtically review situations using clear, logical and conceptual thinking
  • Scanning the environment to recognise and respond to new and emerging issues
  • Provide advice on how to move forward

Program, Policy and Evaluation Reviews

Management Solutions (Qld) brings together teams with experience in public policy, research, business and the non-government sector. This multi-disciplinary approach enables a 360° review of a program or policy under review and ensures a high level of critical thinking at content, organisational and individual levels in undertaking reviews of providing advice.

We have the capacity to employ a range of evaluation and review strategies including: Ex post: Summative, actual versus planned comparisons, formative/naturalistic, research/experimental, Ex ante: prospective analysis, modeling and pragmatic.

Management Solutions (Qld) has conducted conferences and forums throughout Australia and has a strong reputation for delivering interactive, learnings-based programs that focus on understanding and advancing current policy agendas.

As an organisation we are committed to ongoing identification or emerging public issues and organising conferences and forums on these issues bringing together key players from government, industry and non-government sector, practitioners to identify and analyse emerging issues, discuss and evaluate players from government, industry and non-government sector, practitioners to identify and analyse emerging issues, discuss and evaluate solutions, tried and potential policy actions and outcomes, and present these to proposed key players and participants in the relevant policy environments.

Professional Development and Training Workshops

Management Solution (Qld) can design and conduct workshops to suit your organisation’s needs. We have conducted one to four day workshops on a range of topics including:

  • Practice of Public Policy
  • Community Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Tourism, Ecotourism and Regional Tourism
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Regional Development
  • Working with Government
  • Report Writing
  • Government, Business and Community Relations