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Management Solutions (Qld) convenes a number of highly successful national conferences on emerging policy agendas. It employs a team with a serious and a time-tested understanding and knowledge about professionally facilitating the activities associated with conference management to ensure maximum outcomes for delegates and sponsors. Management Solutions programs are committed to a focus on emerging policy agendas and as such we utilise a wide variety of experience facilitators from across academia, government and industry with practical experience in the issues facing both the government and industry in the business environment.


National Public Sector Fleet Managers' Conference

28-29 November 2023 at Moonee Valley Racing Club, Melbourne

The NPSFMC allows suppliers and industry experts from around the country to engage with Federal, State and Local Government Fleet Managers.

The Conference covers industry trends, public sector fleet management policy, the future of fleet management and capacity building to the demands of the seismic transition that is occurring across fleet management.

The conference theme for 2023 is Fleets in Transition to Net Zero – sharing the journey.

This year the NPSFMC focuses on the many factors that will influence fleets as we transition to Net Zero. Importantly, the Conference will draw heavily on the presentation of a diverse range of case studies

  • Transition to EVs
  • Alternative fuel technologies
  • EV commercial and heavy vehicles
  • Geo-political influences on fleet management
  • Risk management related to cyber attacks and the grey fleet
  • Implications of the National Electric Vehicle Strategy
  • Connected fleets
  • Charging networks
  • Vehicle safety
  • The greening of fleets - both EV and ICE

In addition to this primary theme, the conference will also focus on immediate issues facing fleet managers and emerging trends

  • Ongoing supply chain issues
  • Acquisition and disposal delays
  • Telematics
  • Specialised vehicle components and builds
  • Trends in police and emergency vehicles
  • Best practice fleet management
  • FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) implications of adopting EVs
  • Training and capacity building
  • Indirect implications of transitioning to EVs
  • Maintenance, roadside assistance and end-of-life management

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